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CARMEN Minimalist Green Leaves Poster Cotton Canvas No Frame

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So you love plants. But can't find enough space to house them or display them in your choice spots?

Display them in pictures instead!
Lively splash of green just 'wakes up' and softens a plain wall.

In Fengshui study, plants belong to the 'Wood' element. And the bathroom is of the 'Water' element.
Hence plants always look harmoniously good in bathroom/poolside deco because the wood and water elements compliment each other.

A relaxing hint of nature in the house without the worry of pests.
Not sure what wall art to use? You will never go wrong with green leaves! 

Gentle Reminder 

✅ Poster comes without frames ✅ Please take note of dimensions 

Dimensions for 5 sizes

8.2 x 11.8" ( 21 x 30cm )  A4
11.8 x 15.7" ( 30 x 40cm )
15.7 x 23.6" ( 40 x 60cm )
19.6 x 27.5" ( 50 x 70cm )
23.6 x 31.4" ( 60 x 80cm )

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